Rabu, Juli 28, 2010

Url Shorten service

who never use url shortening services? I think almost all bloggers using it. They usually use it to shorten url blog post. Or it could also shorten the url for a business affiliate that is usually very long indeed. but so many services on the Internet shorten urls we choose it so dizzy. But not to worry, because I just found the url shortener pretty nice, and it is qt.vc.
Maybe you ever use bitly and TinyURL . And bout is very good. Toughest rival of qt.cv. But that does not mean qt.cv also bad, because I tried it also fits quite okay. So if you're interested to try it out? Just visit the site soon :)

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  1. i dunno why, but i still prefer bit.ly which is that shortening url services could be customize by myself. And then, it connected with my twitter or even my facebook.
    Anyway, it's a nice info... #ciumbasah #pakemulutkudanil :))

  2. Url Shorten service apaan yah?

  3. MUngkin suatu waktu aja ya. :D

  4. Langsung ke TKP, Makasih banyak atas infonya...

  5. mampir malam sobat
    hepi bloging

  6. ~ aearc
    selamat :D

    ~ edutria
    saia malah lebih suka 3.ly ;)

    ~ abyumy
    buat nyingkat url, silakan :)

    ~ cucuharis
    gag dicoba juga gpp :p

    ~ Heri FS
    silakan, mamsa :D

  7. makasih artikelnya
    salam hangat

  8. masama :)

    salam hangat kembali :)

  9. tapi katanya shorten url ini rawan spam loh

  10. ~ deadyrizky
    saia hanya menulis review :p

    ~ Oby
    saia lebih suka 3.ly ;)

    ~ ekopras
    yeah :D

    ~ sudinotakim
    makasih :D


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