Minggu, April 28, 2013

Temporary Habit

It's trouble for me for some days internet cafe near my house gone close temporary. The owner, his name Roni, and known him well, just brought his computer, cable, all of build internet cafe, his internet cafe, to his new house.

Actually, I felt happy for him. For his new house. Actually His house nearest than his brother's house--before moved Roni leaned space in his brother's--from my home. But, I don't have patience to wait Roni finish his new internet cafe in his own house. You know, I'm the online king. I can't life without connect to E-World just one day.

You may call me overwhelmed or what, but it's the real fact of me. Internet be my personal drugs since I knew it.

So, I find new spot to connect E-World. Green Net. Actually, it's old spot for me. Years ago, before Roni run his cafe I always online in there.

Why I chose to came back to Green? Well, Green has good service. They have a comfy matras for each cublice. But... I have to ride motorbike to reach that place. Imaginee it, if I ride there everyday, and I must online an hour minimum (an hour charge is two thousands rupiah), how much it cost?

I hope I can have my Blacke, my old bike, again. But the old Blacke was damage years ago.

I have one more reason why I, erm, hate my new temporary habit. In Green sometime, in depends time, the connection being rubbish. It the worst feel in the world when the browser alert me or message me that the webpage can't load cause "server not found", "connection was reset", bla, bla, bla.

I wish Roni open his "new" internet cafe as soon as possible. Perhaps Green have more comfy facilities rather than Roni's, but about connection, Roni's more stable than Green.


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  1. is it something that made you mad yesterday? ._.


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