Rabu, Mei 15, 2013

Talk about Future

At recent days, I often think about the future. Not near future or far future for setting of my manuscript, but future of mine.

Actualy, I think about it everyday. My future, I mean. Not just today or a few days ago. My parent did well, implanted that thought since we--my sisters and I--were young. You must do it if you want your future is bright. You shouldn't do that if you want to bring sun to your future.

Believe it or not, I don't blame them. I know it for my goodness. But honestly, it made me depresful sometime.

Almost everyday, I found myself in situation that I hesitated to answer my families' question about what I to do next after college life--and in the end, I always answer with "I don't know" and then follow "just let the time show what the best for me." Almost everyday, I found myself in the same place while my friends one step closer to their dreams.

What I should I do, Ignore it, or made it whips for me? I think I knew to answer that probs, hahah. So, why I write this post? Of course to relief of me =P



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