Kamis, Januari 22, 2015

Chocolate Never Works

People said, chocolate will make you feel happy because it contain endorphine, hormon of happiness. I believe that until... I did it myself. Eating chocolate, I mean.

And... Unwork (?) For me, chocolate never invited happiness!

What do you think? Why chocolate unwork for me? Is it because the chocolate must be a spesial one? The expensive one? Or perhaps, the sadness is to big so I need chocolate about one truck?

Fortunately, strawberry can do the chocolate job. Seriously. When taste of strawberry touch the tongue of mine, I feel like I can do everything. Things that hard to do seem easy-peasy. How silly I am let the negative thought (that some things are not posibble to do) run in to my head.

Anything that have strawberry flavor always made me feel... Terrific. Happiness take over the sadness. I don't know strawberry contain endorphine or not (and I don't really care to find out). But, if it not (doesn't have endorphine, I mean), it can prove one thing:

Your favorite food, whatever is it, can replace your sadness with the joyness.


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  1. Well, couldn't agree more! Your favorite food is the one that can bring happiness to you.
    I used to get shocked when met someone that not love chocolate. But well, each person is unique and being different doesn't mean its wrong.
    Whatever you eat, choose to be happy :)

    1. If blogger has like button, I'll like your comments :'D


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