Minggu, Juni 27, 2010

Sending tweet via Mobile Tweete

Cellular users would have to know about this one of the mobile twitter client, mobile tweete. Web based Twitter client from Australia has simple featured but elegant appearance. There are several choices of the more interesting theme [more interesting from tuitwit, I think] with bright colors that make eyes comfortable.

What are the advantages and disadvantages? And how do we can access it?

Kamis, Juni 24, 2010

Be a winner on Ahamoments

Kemarin saat aku melihat daftar pemenang kontes blog machung, da mendapati usernameku gag ada pada daftar, tentu saja aku kecewa https://www.emocutez.com
Tapi hal itu buat aku sadar, aku masih harus belajar menulis artikel dengan baik lagi, Ada apa dengan tempe? dan domain Indonesia, masih belum bisa membuat juri terkesima. Hehe... https://www.emocutez.com

Lain blog, lain pula di twitter. karena justru di duniatwit lah, dewi fortuna berada dekat denganku!!


Selasa, Juni 22, 2010

Minggu, Juni 20, 2010

Awesome Myrtle Beach Resort

summer is coming--on country with this season, of course. many people would have plans for leisure in a place. So dont be surprised when many people are choosing a vacation to the beach. And I think Myrtle Beach is the ideal place to spend the summer holidays that will soon arrive. but before you actually go there, it's good once you find the information on the internet.

But the information on the internet it is not small--type myrtle beach hotel and milion data will appear. While we do not have time. So I'll help you. Just one click, visit http://www.princeresortonline.com and you will find awesome Myrtle Beach Resorts. Dont worry about Myrtle Beach Accomodations, this site will make you surprise. if there is no longer a problem with Myrtle Beach Accommodations, and you like to playing golf, Princeresortonline provide golf packages so you must ready your energy for fun!!

Happy Holiday,
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Sabtu, Juni 19, 2010

Jumat, Juni 18, 2010

Are you need insurance?

we know we live every day as long as we are faced with a surprise. And we do not know what to expect surprises. Whether it's a surprise that will make us happy, or even a surprise that will make us incredibly shocked and saddened. encouraging if the surprise might not be a problem, but how if the surprise was the loss of someone or something that we really care and love? It must be sad. It must be painful. And tears out to dry will not be able to restore and revive them.
That is where insurance works. it will help you, at least, to reduce the suffocating a little disappointment. And lucky for those who live in Australia, because one of cool insurance company websiteRealinsurenace.com.au will make your life safe. this website will show you real life cover. From this website, you can find many kinds of insurance, such as health care insurance, funeral cover insurance, income insurance, and the like. Are you need an insurance? Realinsurance is the right place.

Have a great day,
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Senin, Juni 14, 2010

Advantages and disadvantages Tuitwit

Tuifrenz [my caller for my friends on Twitter] you must be know with this twitter client, tuitwit. how not? Turgid appearance makes a lot of twitter mobile client throe because completeness and simplicity.

Using the Python language as a pillar of its program,google app engine only allows language snake python and java only, making tuitwit look so simple.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of tuitwit


Jumat, Juni 11, 2010

Twatter, the Anti Social Network

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If you get bored with twitter [and I would be surprised if it happened to you], then there is no harm in trying one of the relatives twitter, twatter. One letter is different, so do not be until a typo;)

Upon entering the front page twatter you'll see a page very similar to the twitter timeline pages. On the right there are ranks of the menu that will change the look of the page. From Downloadable Twats, Twats Group, until that was popular in twatter.

Minggu, Juni 06, 2010

Tweeting from your Instant Messenger

Talking about twitter and social networking will never-ending. And how to tell Tweet [update status on twitter] increasingly diverse. this is because Twitter allows third party to use their API codes.

But what if when we chat while we can also tweeting? It'll be fun and not cost-effective? ;) Because only need one application to use two distinct features:)

Sabtu, Juni 05, 2010

Skycpm scam?

One of mine on the net income for the publiser is skycpm. One program that provides rate higher cpm than the other. But what a pity, just at first time she comes emoticon,monyet

He's Singing..emoticon,monyet

Hehe... emoticon,monyet but It's real, skycpm being scam. They claim to have been bankrupt emoticon,monyet

Kamis, Juni 03, 2010

Facebook for Muslim by Muslim

Why blown rumor about the closing of facebook? irrespective of the number of misunderstandings about this news, because this is the intention of closing movement facebook account, and not closing social networking sites such topnotch. But Would we to close our facebook account?