Sabtu, Agustus 28, 2010

How to use foursquare? (cara menggunakan foursquare)

Besides facebook and twitter, social networking that explode the number of users is Foursquare. But...

some friends on facebook and twitter asked me, "how do I use the Foursquare?"

It should be noted, for using Foursquare main functions, namely the check-in, you must have the application. Currently only available for Android, Blackberry, Apple, and the Treo.

then what about other devices?

Relax. Foursquare also provide a special link that can be used to check-in, ie the mobile site address. So just add the letter 'm' in front of the main url - or it could also add the word 'mobile' in the back [after a slash mark]

For the website, usually used to add and approve a friend request and add a cool location - or the location of our imagination - in our city.

Spoiler untuk [Bahasa Indonesia] :

Selain facebook dan twitter, jejaring social yang terus melejit penggunannya adalah foursquare. Namun...

Beberapa teman di facebook dan twitter bertanya padaku, "gimana sih cara menggunakan foursquare?"

Perlu dicatat, untuk menggunakan fungsi utama foursquare, yaitu check-in, anda mesti memiliki aplikasinya. Saat ini baru tersedia untuk Android, Blackberry, Apple, dan Treo.

Trus gimana dengan device yang lain?

Tenang. Foursquare juga menyediakan link khusus agar bisa digunakan untuk check-in, yaitu alamat situs mobilenya. Jadi cukup tambahkan huruf 'm' di depan url utamanya--ato bisa juga menambahkan kata mobile di belakangnya [setelah memberi tanda slash ato garis miring]

Untuk situs webnya, biasa digunakan untuk meng-add dan approve request teman dan menambahkan lokasi keren--ato lokasi imajinasi kita--di kota kita.
Happy check-in,
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Selasa, Agustus 17, 2010

Monetize your twitter account (cari uang dari twitter)

As we know Twitter is a microblogging platform for social networking. And this site has long been exploited as a means to earn money!

There are many Tweetadvertising sites that offer advertising services through Tweet, and we as tweople (twitter users) should be observant choose which sites can bridge us to collect the dollar.

one of them is sponsortweet. This site differs from other tweetadvertising site. When you normally use automatic Tweet each existing ads will go into our Tweet. So, if the ad sponsortweet in writing by us. And if the writing we ask is approved by the advertiser, then Tweet will be sent immediately.

Sabtu, Agustus 14, 2010

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Rabu, Agustus 11, 2010

Friend List on Facebook (Daftar teman di facebook)

Do you have facebook? Of course, who does not have a facebook? cloudy emoticon

But, have you use almost every feature on facebook? Like the Friend lists. Maybe there are some who say yes, but not a bit too say, "for what? Create a bother?"

Though the labels / list of our friends can organize a good friend - especially when we have friends up to thousands, will be very troublesome when we find one at a compounded our friend very mutually hobbies name on facebook. And will be felt once when we chat.

Minggu, Agustus 08, 2010

Easy way to pass PMP exam

when we were young, and we talked what we were going to be? We often say will be a doctor when you grow up. Or even be a pilot. Even there also want to be a teacher, a noble work. But as the time goes by, the ideals that changed. And who knew then we suddenly change course and want to be manager.

If you are one of the many people who want to become managers, in addition to the ability of a good course, also have a PMP (professional project manager) certificate or PMP certification that can be trusted by many companies. If you do want to find the place to go, you should definitely visit It is a famous site of OSP international LLC. If you check out the website, you will be able to find more detail information about the company. If you are going to take a PMP Exam, this website is absolutely the right place to get your PMP Exam Prep. Because the company has been engaged in this field for many years--and of course profesional, so their quality can not be doubted.

Senin, Agustus 02, 2010

Twitter Glossary

A friend told me, "I do not know how to use twitter?"

Surprisingly cloudy smilies because [I think] twitter is way too simple for social networking than others. twitter is like sending an txt message with a friend, we can see the difference between the public updates - but there is also a feature to close it.


All about scrubs

In the virtual world, all those things exist. No exception with the store. Very komplitnya - even open for 24 hours - so we do not have to bother anymore to walk into the mall, or to the market to buy things we need. Now for those of you who work in the field hospital, and you were in need of some equipment, why do not you try shopping online at

In the online store you can see some nursing scrubs and medical uniforms collection. There are so many different designs you will find them a good, interesting and very good service. And make no mistake, they have their own labels to design their own clothing Blue Sky Scrubs, which promises comfort for your patients at the hospital. So what are you waiting for? fo more info, just simply, visit the site.

Minggu, Agustus 01, 2010

online jewelry store

Everyone will want to look cool. It was not anything wrong with the looks, but just need a little extra accessories to look a bit 'fantastic' and the answer is jewelry or watches. And because of advances in technology, one no longer need to be stepped out. Just use kompoter and connected to the Internet, then visit shopwiki then you will be given a choice of jewelry that you might like.
In shopwiki, not just jewelry for women only, but there's also jewelry for men. And not only that, shopwiki also offers services to store and care for jewelry and accesories men. shopwki also provide care services jewelry woman. No need to worry about price. shopwiki provides information on the price according to your budget.

well, Happy Shopping cloudy emoticons